Our work in art, the constant pleasure for beauty, the passion for special things, the indissoluble love for our territory and the continuous search for new proposals, allow us to give precious information with joy and humility on all these experiences to our guests.



Of undoubted stylistic and architectural value, a visit to the Atelier Chambre in front of the structure cannot be missed before leaving. It is the place of creation, our home/studio/laboratory where everything started in 2000, where we still continue to create works of art, develop ideas and projects unique.



You will find in your room the Wine Corner and in the refrigerator White Wine (Verdicchio, Passerina) and fresh bubbles of the territory for a joyful aperitif in the outdoor area at sunset but above all there will be a Sommelier with twenty years of experience to discover together the wine world of the Marche region.



The sublime conviviality of the table is our priority and therefore we are always very careful in choosing the restaurants to recommend and the best locations where you can spend pleasant and unforgettable atmospheres. Let's go ourselves first to test the kitchen and see places to suggest.



Unusual itineraries and places, you will be accompanied to discover the secret Marche, suggestive views, doors to open, stimulated to find unexpected destinations where the destination is not the point of arrival but the beginning of an emotion in which the memory will be traced in the vacation diary.



Swim inside a cave, touch underwater walls, walk on the edge and then dive, look everywhere for the white that separates green and blue ... and then the boat, to feel like explorers looking for an isolated bay where you can spend the pleasure of bathe in a natural pool.



By motorbike, car and … Vespa. Trekking or by bike. Road has never been so soft and lulling, with the seasons the colors alternate and the horizons combine snow and sea. Looking for villages becomes like map of the heart, a map that repays with the richest treasure that nature and man can offer.